Thursday, 5 November 2009

Hate ♥ Love. Can't have both.

And into the waters of life, the demons poured their poison of malice, hate, and revenge. Since then, every living creature that  sprung forth into being has been tainted by evil. The light came to save and deliver. A victory was won. But the choice was still theirs to make. The creatures had to decide. To choose the light, or to succumb to the darkness that never ceases to hunt and rob them of their souls....

The light is beautiful and delightful. I love my God and want more than ever to be eternally united with Him. But the stain of evil still has it's mark on me. In my heart there grows poisonous vines of bitterness and hate. The child of a venomous dagger that was plunged into it by another. I was hurt by someone. I am still being hurt by that someone. And the only thing that I can think about these days is how much I hate that someone. Perhaps I even take delight in it? And as the poison spreads the darkness surrounds.

I can barely see the light the far of distance. And prayers and praise I have forgotten. My dying heart whispers a name. Jesus. Jesus. Save me. Oh how I miss to be in His embrace. How I miss to be counted as friend.

But I find it so hard to forgive...So hard to let go of the hate. I wonder if it is too late. If I had let it grow into a monster that I'm to weak to now tame...

But I know I must find a way. To let love triumph over the that I may gain my Lord, who is love itself. 

Hate and Love. I cannot have both...

Alas it is so difficult... 


  1. Very inspiring! It is important for us to learn to let go of the hate and anger in our lives and learn forgiveness will actually bring us peace. May God Bless you and your family.

  2. Indeed, we cannot have both. I suggest that it is best to choose love. It is never to late (well, until we die) to choose to forgive and to love (even if the person we are forgiving has died; forgiveness, after all, is more for ourselves than for the other).

  3. I wanted to drop by and let you know I have passed on an award to you on Oldman's Cantankerous Point of View. You can find it here

    Thanks for sharing such an inspiring blog with the world.

  4. Brian...Thank you. And thanks for the award.

    Elizabeth...That is so true. If we don't forgive, it will only makes us suffer, not so much the other.