Friday, 25 September 2009

When Pride Stands in the Way of ♥

Dearly Beloved,

Just as everyday,
You never fail to bless,
Your wayward lover with daily bread.
So with every always,
Never I fail to transgress,
And cause you hurts, for that which I dread.

Can you forgive me...
These tears I've caused,
And sadness which could never pause?
I find myself lost in a far off place.
I won't let you reach me, I won't let you chase.
And yet I thirst for your sweet sweet presence.
How can I endure much longer?


And in the quite whispers I found....
Amidst the heartache that know no bounds...


Remember my love, my little one.
And how I long to share myself with you.
Could you think your falls would cause me to shun?
Alas if you only knew...

Throw your pride onto the ground.
No crime you commit could chase me away.
If you but ask, all is forgiven,
If you but seek, all is forgotten.
And you will find yourself in my arms once more,
My tender embrace to complete,
Is quicker than a speeding arrow aimed at the heart.

But my little one...know this.
I cannot go where you won't let me in.


And once again I was his...


The story:

I was appalled at how quickly I could shift from being Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde. With one moment being deep in prayer and the next finding gossip on my lips. From being wrapped in the wonders of the sweet Rosary, to lapping up the contempt against some poor soul.

There are no words to describe my sorrow and shame.

But the Lord knows we are dust, and I trust in His Mercy. Amen.

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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

A Promise ♥ Forgotten

Dear Beloved,

Yesterday... before falling into the land of dreams,
Where nothing is ever what is seems,
I whispered into the cold dark night,
But also into your brilliant light,
That I should spend this very day...
Thinking of you in every way.

But last night's dreams came up in a whirl,
And dragged me down as its stories unfurled,
And when alas I finally awoke,
So far from memory was that which I spoke.
The silent promise I made to stay,
In your dear company...was miles away.
And so I busied myself with useless things,
I ignored my love, the King of kings.

And now when I dwell on your lovely presence,
I can only implore you accept my repentance,
So that once again may I on your face see,
Your sweet gentle smile while I sit close to thee.