Wednesday, 16 September 2009

A Promise ♥ Forgotten

Dear Beloved,

Yesterday... before falling into the land of dreams,
Where nothing is ever what is seems,
I whispered into the cold dark night,
But also into your brilliant light,
That I should spend this very day...
Thinking of you in every way.

But last night's dreams came up in a whirl,
And dragged me down as its stories unfurled,
And when alas I finally awoke,
So far from memory was that which I spoke.
The silent promise I made to stay,
In your dear company...was miles away.
And so I busied myself with useless things,
I ignored my love, the King of kings.

And now when I dwell on your lovely presence,
I can only implore you accept my repentance,
So that once again may I on your face see,
Your sweet gentle smile while I sit close to thee.



  1. i love your fantastic and lovely writing

  2. Oh wow - this is so poetic and beautiful. Thank you so very much for sharing it with us & best wishes