Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Discovering God ♥ Goodness Itself

Everything has its beginnings in God. All that is wise comes from God, all that is good comes from God. And so, for the sake of accuracy, we should not say, 'God is wise', but rather, 'God is Wisdom. Not 'God is Good', but 'God is Goodness'.

And because God is infinite, meaning limitless, there is no end to his perfections.

Some people might ask, "If God is so good, why does he allow so much sadness, so much suffering, and so much evil in the world?"

But one must remember that evil entered the world as a consequence of man's sin. It entered when Adam and Eve chose to know evil, by eating from the tree of knowledge. It was a choice, made possible by the gift of free will. And having given humanity this, 'God does not keep constantly stepping in to snatch back his gift of freedom'. 

And because of poor choices made by some, the innocent and good have to suffer. Even Jesus, the dearly beloved son of God, the sinless one, had to suffer and die. He who is more innocent than any of us... 

Although suffering is painful, it should not always be a thing to be scorned. Our sufferings offered up become beautiful and sweet smelling gifts that atone for the wrongs of our brothers and sisters while comforting the wounded hearts of Jesus and his Mother. It also brings us closer to God. So even bad things, can be turned to good if the heart is willing. Goodness himself allows it. 

Ref: The Faith Explained by Leo J. Trese

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